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Platinum 30 - Data sheet

Platinum 30

Platinum 30

  • IP Adress Static Public
  • Debit Maximal debit of 512kbit/s* upload and 2048kbit/s download
  • Duration 30 days
  • Volume 4 Go
  • Night volume Free 23 pm GMT to 5 am GMT

The Platinum 30 Access Card gives you internet access for your SpaceDSL station with a maximum bandwith of 512kbit/s* upload and 2048kbit/s download for a period of 30 days.

The card includes a volume of 4 Gigabytes of Internet traffic that you can increase with Booster cards for sale on this site.

Supplied with a static public IP address.

* 512kbit/s are reached with the 2 Watts kit, with the 0.8 Watts kit the bandwith is limited to 192kbit/s



You need Internet at home, to navigate, communicate with your friends and family, send some emails.

The estimated volume of 4000 Mega-octets is enough for (*) :

  • 360 hours web-browsing
  • 1400 emails
  • 100 pieces of Mp3 music
  • 20 video clips of 10 mn on Youtube


Electronic cards:
We facilitate the purchase through an interface to recharge your account.
Shop and pay online from any internet connection through your deposit account or Paypal!
Delivery of your cards is automatical.(**)
Your card purchases are available for activation directly on the customer portal. (***)



(*) : Estimation base : 1 hour web-browsing = 5 mega-octets, and 1 email = 500 kbits, 1 piece of MP3 music = 3Mo and 1 video clip of 10 min = 60Mo. Indicated volumes by type 
of use are based on a standard use. Your usage may vary according to the size of the files you manipulate.

(**) : Automatic delivery does not include card purchases from this site (

(***) : For any clarification, please contact us.


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